Handwriting Analysis – Understand One’s Personality From Handwriting

Have you ever wondered why each of us has different handwriting? Handwriting, also known as brain writing, is as individual to the person as fingerprints. Occupations, relationships, personal problems as well as health related issues can be identified in a person’s writing. Analyzing handwriting goes back to the 1600s and originated in Europe. Confucius is quoted as saying “beware of a man whose writing sways like a reed in the wind”.

Ok, you ask, so what traits can be found while analyzing handwriting? Many traits can be shown provided the writing is in cursive, because printing has some limitations. Cursive provides the analyst with the upstrokes in writing which are very important.

Many personality traits including being outgoing, temper, anger towards the opposite sex, sexual deviations, generosity, broadmindedness, lying nature and hundreds more can be found when analyzing handwriting.

Handwriting does have limitations. Handwriting cannot tell the writer’s gender, whether they are left or right handed, their age or their race. It also cannot tell the future or the past.

Handwriting is very interesting because not only can you change your personality and watch your writing change as well, but also the reverse is true! Sometimes there are personality traits that we wish we did not have, but we didn’t know how to get rid of them. One way to change your personality is to use handwriting therapy, also known as graphotherapy. The person learns how to change their writing to rid themselves of unwanted traits, and practices this under the watchful eye of a trained graphologist. Handwriting analysis is becoming a recognized part of therapy.

Children may even benefit from having their handwriting analyzed, which must be analyzed differently than an adult’s writing. May be a child has a problem concentrating at school, or seems to show anger, or they tend not to catch on as quickly as other children. These issues can be dealt with successfully using graphotherapy.

Analyzing handwriting has many different facets. For instance, it is used in the court of law when dealing with document forgery. Companies are beginning to hire handwriting analysts to assist them in finding the right person for the right job. This is because handwriting analysis is a science – it is not guesswork. It is used as a tool to determine the compatibility of an individual to the requirements of a job as well as the compatibility of one individual to another.

All in all, handwriting analysis is very interesting and has endless possibilities. Next time you see someone’s signature or handwriting, you now know that this person’s personality is right out there in front of you, just waiting to be discovered!

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Author: Manikant DVSS
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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