Communicate More Effectively by Understanding

Communication is an essential ingredient of life. No matter what you do in life, you have to communicate with others, and how well you do it can make your life go better or make it very difficult indeed. There are many courses, coaches and programs available to teach these skills. But that is just the first step. You need to understand the person or people with whom you are communicating in order to do so effectively. "But how can I do that?" you ask.

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The Keys to Reading Body Language

Body language is an expressive gesture. Humans communicate in many non-verbal ways including gestures, facial expressions, tonal quality, gait, and handwriting. Research shows that there is congruency between these non-verbal communications of ours. For example, if someone walks and talks very slow, their handwriting will be slow. Handwriting is a crystallized gesture; a gesture frozen in time. Through understand out handwriting, and that of others, we can gain unique insight to the inner workings of the mind. We can use physiology to understand psychology. The field of body language, gestures, and handwriting analysis is growing at a rapid rate.

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