Communicate More Effectively by Understanding

There are various ways, but most involve learning to read body language. NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is one way. Handwriting Analysis is another less known in North America.

Is someone inclined to be talkative or more of a listener? Perhaps you think you can gauge that just by listening to the person, but some people who are shy, nervous or in some way have a need to make a good impression will be much more talkative that they naturally are.

Conversely, say you are interviewing candidates for a job. There are lots of great courses out there to teach interview skills – I know, I used to teach one. And I can tell you from personal experience that the person who interview the best – the one who appears to listen intently to your every word, and gives all the right responses without being too verbose – is not necessarily the best person for the job, unless the job being a professional interviewee!

Once you know what to look for, listening and speaking tendencies can be identified from handwriting in a matter of seconds.

Empathy and emotional expression may be important depending on the circumstances. A sales person who has both will probably go farther than one who is cold and calculating. People like to buy from people with whom they connect and like. Empathy and emotional expression, again, are instantly recognizable in writing.

The list goes on.

Any “soft” skill or personal quality can be accurately assessed from the writing of the individual, and a consultation with a qualified handwriting analyst can go along way to resolving any “people issue” whether it’s hiring, team building, handling a difficult individual, or any type of human relationship. Or there are several books available to help novices make instant use of this amazing and valuable tool.

So don’t let people problems get you down. Find solutions in their writing.

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