Handwriting Experts Need Your Help!

Scenario: You just received a copy of your mom’s will and believe that your sister wrote it and attempted to copy your mom’s handwriting and signature on it.

Not only that, but it really looks good! You could not imagine how much her handwriting looks like your Mom’s. But, you know that your Mom never would have written a will that left you $2 and the stuffed family monkey– not to mention bequeathing everything else to your sister.

Run, do not walk to the best handwriting expert you can locate. But, before you leave, make sure you have found every single piece of paper you might have that your mother ever wrote. This can include greeting cards, her signature on a loan she made to you back when you needed to borrow a few extra “K’s” for an “emergency” — and a hundred other sources.

More is better. The handwriting expert will attempt to establish a provable pattern to your mom’s writing that should be repeated in that copy of the will you are contesting.

Your handwriting expert will be comparing so many features of the questioned writing to the known writing that you or your sister did not realize existed. You will be amazed at the little things that make a difference.

Just bring that expert enough material for comparison and there is a very good chance you will get the right answer about the will.

Don’t be surprised if the will is not bogus. Remember you hired a terrific handwriting expert.

Maybe it was your Mom’s way of finally telling you that she accepted your drinking, carousing and wild friends as everything you needed in life — along with the $2 and stuffed monkey.

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By Antonia M. Klekoda-Baker C.D.E.

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Antonia M. Klekoda-Baker C.D.E.

Author: Antonia Klekoda Baker
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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