Handwriting Experts Have Limits

You know that you didn't write your name on that final dotted line accepting the acquisition of a $3000 king-size bed that moves up and down and even has temperature controls for both you and your "passenger". But the signature on the statement sure looks like yours! And, the two big fellows hauling the bed out of their truck do not appear to be interested in putting it back in -- or arguing about it.

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Handwriting Experts and Perry Mason

Years ago, on a Perry Mason television show, the good lawyer told his client that it was necessary to have a qualified handwriting expert look at the document. In the next scene, a bespectacled, mustachioed, dignified-appearing man walked into the room, blinked his eyes at the document for one and a half seconds and said, "Yes, indeed it is a forgery!" Just like that!

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Poison Pen – First Book in New Forensic Handwriting Mystery Series

Claudia Rose, a forensic expert, is pulled into an investigation to prove that a former classmate's suicide note was not real. Her partner claims that she just wouldn't kill herself; most others agreed--they figured she'd be murdered before she'd ever committed suicide! This is a great beginning to a new series. Sheila Lowe is a professional in the field and has several nonfiction books to her credit.

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