Handwriting Experts and Perry Mason

Years ago, on a Perry Mason television show, the good lawyer told his client that it was necessary to have a qualified handwriting expert look at the document.

In the next scene, a bespectacled, mustachioed, dignified-appearing man walked into the room, blinked his eyes at the document for one and a half seconds and said, “Yes, indeed it is a forgery!”

Just like that! How marvelous that this professional could provide an opinion without even using a magnifying glass or microscope.

However, only in the wonderful world of the boob tube is there such a swift solution to determining a forgery. Nowadays, the experienced Document Examiner will take more time and require as much information as is available before committing an answer to the validity of a particular signature.

A seasoned Handwriting Expert will be able to provide more proof than merely an oral statement on the matter in order to state that someone’s writing is bogus. Depending on the schooling of the Handwriting Expert, there will be a description of all of the documents examined and solid reasons for claiming a signature to be fake.

And, it will make sense to both the person getting the signature examined and the judge in the courtroom who has to decide whether or not he can agree with the Handwriting Expert’s findings.

Person who forge another person’s penmanship aren’t necessarily some grubby bearded homeless individual who followed someone into the bank and watched that person sign his name. For the most part, forgeries are the result of a very studied and concentrated effort to produce the best possible replica of another person’s writing that truly challenges the Handwriting Expert.

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Antonia Klekoda Baker C.D.E.
Expert Handwriting Analysis

Author: Antonia Klekoda Baker
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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