Handwriting Experts Have Limits

You know that you didn’t write your name on that final dotted line accepting the acquisition of a $3000 king-size bed that moves up and down and even has temperature controls for both you and your “passenger”.

But the signature on the statement sure looks like yours! And, the two big fellows hauling the bed out of their truck do not appear to be interested in putting it back in — or arguing about it.

Now is the time to check your telephone book yellow pages or the Internet for a Handwriting Expert. After all, that is all you need to do to solve this mistake. You know they will agree with you.

Not so fast! That Handwriting Expert is going to cost you money and it might be a good idea to first call the accounting department of the bed company and protest the purchase and disclaim the signature. Tell them you are calling in a Handwriting Expert and will charge them for the services of same.

Sometimes, a reputable company will not want to get involved in a situation that suggests fraud and could decide in your favor. They may have had an earlier experience with a salesperson who, unbeknown to the customer, affixed the buyer’s John Hancock to a bill of lading in order to speed things along in time to take his girlfriend to see (or engage in), World Wide Wrestling at the local arena.

On the other hand, the bed people could call your bluff and say, “Go ahead! You bought the bed. Now, lie in it!”

Be prepared to supply the Handwriting Expert with enough of your signatures for comparison (tons of them sometimes), to prove your innocence.

Otherwise, your Expert will be limited and ineffective.

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Antonia Klekoda Baker C.D.E.
Expert Handwriting Analysis

Author: Antonia Klekoda Baker
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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