Handwriting Analysis – Laws, Principles – and More – Book Review

Handwriting Analysis: Laws/Principles…and More

by Jacob J. Cammarata

ISBN: 1-4251-1284-6

Trafford Publishing – Canada

What precisely can our handwriting reveal about us? So much more than you might think. Jacob J. Cammarata explains the process well in his book Handwriting Analysis: Laws/Principles…and More.

Handwriting analysis is a somewhat complicated science; there are principles and laws to consider, and much study to be done. This book is a guide that is in line with one you would expect to see in a college classroom. Many years of experience and observation were utilized within its pages. Cammarata speaks clearly that this is not a light subject, not a new age practice, but a field of study that is long and enduring.

First and foremost in handwriting analysis is measuring, and today’s analyst has tools available to make this a more exact result. These measurements (of letter spacing, size, etc.) are the basis for understanding of every other aspect. The writer’s speed, spacing, slant, rhythm, organization and so much more are examined in the book with traits that have been shown to correlate with them. Does a person whose writing is illegible have psychopathic tendencies? The book doesn’t go that far because there is much study to be done on an individual and the habit of illegible writing isn’t the only factor. The whole picture must be seen in order to make projections as to personality. The last chapter looks at tendencies and gives an inkling as to what the person is like, but the author reminds the reader that this is just a single clue. For instance, if a writer’s slant is consistent, the writing has a straight baseline, shows regularity, legibility, and has an even pressure, then the person might be analyzed as being trustful. Each analysis must be given hundreds of measurements though and it is not an easy science to learn.

Jacob J. Cammarata has explained his science and practice in a clear and concise manner. Handwriting analysis is an ancient and newly high-tech discipline. The uses for such a tool are many, from police investigations to personnel matters, psychological understanding and insight to learning more about your ancestors through their old letters. The book describes the science of the subject well, in clear and certain terms. This isn’t a light read, but anyone with an interest in it will not be disappointed.

Heather Froeschl is an author, award winning editor, and book reviewer, at http://www.Quilldipper.com and http://www.Bookideas.com

Author: Heather Froeschl
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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