Handwriting Analysis For Human Resource Managers

‘Handwriting’ was confined to classrooms in schools where a beautiful handwriting always added extra grades to our progress reports. It also helped in winning the title of ‘best handwriting’ in handwriting competitions. There was limited scope to the art of handwriting. Even, the tutors failed to realize the impact of handwriting and its immense importance in enhancing our careers. Several issues in a person’s life including personal, professional, social and emotions are dependent on the truth behind analysing a person’s handwriting.

“Handwriting Analysis” is more popularly known as “Graphology”. It is a clinical process in which the handwriting is analyzed to reveal a person’s true character. Besides, it helps in evaluating several human behaviors including, thought process, emotions, compatibility etc. It has been more than 3 centuries that this art of handwriting analysis has evolved. Thus, establishing historical facts and wonders including the pyramids and several civilizations as well as the existence of prehistoric creatures. Its ironical that this wonderful art was grossly neglected despite its immense benefits in several ways to all human kind.

Globally, in all job interviews it has been made mandatory to give a handwritten resume or paragraph about yourself. Several firms have had positive experiences from graphology have inculcated it in their recruitment process as well. Besides, the professional benefits it is even widely popular among individuals who are highly ambitious. They include those who want to accentuate further to pinnacles of glory in their respective lives and also those who want to break down all cultural and emotional barriers thereby, lead a quality lifestyle.

Lastly, compatibility and career guidance are two of the widely popular usage of Graphology. Today, with advent of the internet there are innumerable resources to reflect our lifestyles thereby, accentuate all aspects of our personality and live the way that dreams are made of. Therefore, please step forward in the right direction and experience the difference through our own handwriting.

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Author: Manikant DVSS
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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