Handwriting Analysis – A Window to Your Inner Self

Have you ever been amazed by the fact that although most of us followed the same standards when learning to write or probably attended the same institute; why can none of us write in exactly the same way as others does? Why does our handwriting differ so much from each other? Why are they so unique? When asked this question you will be tempted to promptly answer, “This is my style of writing!!” As I can say your answer is partially true. Do you know what shapes your style of writing? Well, it’s your personality. This very simple logic forms the basis of the science of ‘Handwriting Analysis’. Our handwriting is as unique as our personality or finger prints.

The science of evaluating and interpreting personality traits and human behavior through one’s handwriting is designated as ‘Graphology’; it is more commonly addressed as Handwriting Analysis. A Graphologist or Handwriting Analysts while analyzing one’s handwriting not only considers the writing but also the pressure, slant, spacing between the letters, margins and many more factors which can lead to an accurate portrait of the person concerned.

Emotions play a very indispensable role in each and every human life. Emotions are also responsible for the way we perceive things to some extent. It is your own handwriting which can clearly define the manner in which your emotions influence your thinking and perception. Your handwriting is a window to your inner self. It helps you to reflect on your thoughts, emotions, fears, actions and understand yourself in a very clear manner. Self reflection and self knowledge is the first step towards harmonious life. Graphology will not only address your weakness but it will also help you overcome them, as well as build on your strengths.

Though it seems that this science is new and still gaining its popularity, one will be surely amazed to know that it dates itself back a few hundred years. Since many years there has been extensive research in the subject and have helped a number of people in a numerous ways, be it personal, professional, emotional or spiritual aspects of human life. One of the major applications of graphology is personality assessment and development. Career guidance, relationship management, personnel selection are also a few common areas where in graphology plays a major role.

Life today is fast paced and the numbers of difficulties due to this fast paced life are also arising at an alarming rate. Deadlines, competition, erratic working hours, growing demands are not only taking a toll on one’s health but also on the self confidence and emotional state, which in turn affects their personal life as well. To cut out on stress and live a well balanced life, people are now putting in efforts. This is when people can benefit from a simple yet highly useful science of graphology to help add those wonderful colours of happiness and bliss back into their life and live with a content mind and heart.

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Author: Manikant DVSS
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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