Learn Handwriting Analysis – Meaning of Ovals

Learning handwriting analysis, or graphology, helps us to understand how we, and others, communicate. In understanding this, we can learn how to approach, and to dialogue with another.

The ovals are rounded or circular formations that are usually placed in the middle zone of writing.

They are present in the letters a,b,d,g,o,p, and q. These letters symbolize, and give information on, communication and focus in the daily life sphere. In an act of self-delineation apart from his ego identity in the real world. If the oval escapes into the upper zone or the lower zone, we see the individual dreaming or hiding in one way or another.

If the oval is not in the middle zone of the sphere of actuality, then the individual is, in some manner, trying to escape the here and now.

Here we will look at the first three, of eleven, possibilities of how ovals might be formed.

Open ovals in handwriting analysis signify a number of things and can appear in all of the oval letters.

  • The most common association and meaning of this is that the person is talkative. It is as if that, what one has to say, is spilling out of their mouth. Remember, that the oval represents how one communicates so, when there is an opening at the top, the communication is spilling out.
  • Another meaning is that the person is open to outside influence.
  • The person could be quite impressionable.
  • While the person could be sincere, they might like to gossip (therefore, don’t tell a secret to this person!)
  • There could be a desire for growth.

Open ovals with loops in handwriting analysis also signify a number of things, and can appear in all of the oval letters. Meanings include:

  • Talkative, but tricky, giving possible deceptive versions of the truth.
  • Could set traps; deceiving selves and others.
  • Unreliable, lacks self-acceptance. Possible inferiority feelings behind facade of openness and intimacy.
  • Holds back details deemed controversial or dangerous.

What always needs to be stated when looking at specific indicators in handwriting analysis is: everything must be taken in the context of the whole. While we can get some insight, the true meaning comes from careful analysis of all the traits. Just as we can’t see a whole person, by simply seeing their nose, we can’t see a whole person from isolating a few things in their writing.

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Author: Lisa Schuetz
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