Handwriting Analysis: Richard Burton Signature

Richard Burton (1925-1984) was a Welsh actor that was twice married to actress Elizabeth Taylor. Their relationship was rarely out of the news. At one time, he was the highest paid actor in Hollywood. He was nominated 7 times for Academy Awards, yet he never won. He was a lifelong alcoholic that died of a brain hemorrhage.

The most impressive thing about this writing, what stands out the most, are his extremely large capital letters. This is far, far larger than what would be considered the “norm.” This indicates a very ambitious man, as well as, extreme narcissism and ego. Everything that this man would do is in frantic attempt to keep this ego propped up. Over time, it is just too big a burden. Most that have this quality to their writing – an indication of overcompensation for feelings of inferiority- simply can’t keep up. Then, all too often, the person turns to things of an addictive nature, such as alcohol and/or drugs.

Another quality in Richard Burton’s handwriting signature is the loop on his “d” stem. Loops can be thought of as avenues of imagination. The letter “d” is associated with things of a personal nature. His “d” then indicates someone who is very, very sensitive to slights, or perceived slights, around things such as how he looks, how he acts, etc.

Handwriting analysis, or graphology, when learned, will give you great insight into yourself and others. When you see capital letters, in this extreme proportion, know that the person is a slave to their unconscious complexes!

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Author: Lisa Schuetz
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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