Handwriting Analysis – Check Out What Your Doodles Mean

Have you ever wondered about the doodles on the walls, tables, billboards, roadsides, etc.? Yeah, most of them are “x loves y”, “vote for abc”, or even “i hate xyz”. But these are more than writing, or scribbling on the walls. Sometimes I even catch myself doodling on paper, which led to investigate more about doodles. It’s part of handwriting, isn’t it? So don’t you want to check out what your doodles mean?

From what I have found so far, doodles are a means to release tension, anxiety, frustration, or any other emotion the doodler is absorbed at the moment. It’s more to do with symbols, rather than handwriting directly. How we symbolize the different aspects in our lives has a direct relationship to our doodles.

For instance, doodling continuously on the same spot over and over again, finally resulting in heavily shaded areas on paper signify tension, anger, or frustration. The more shaded the doodling is, the more aggressive the repressed anger is.

But that’s not all. Doodles are not just shaded areas. Smiley flowers, shining sun, even ugly faces are doodles. So let’s see what those mean.

Smiley flowers, sun, etc. are positive emotions. These doodlers are more forgiving, and sensitive to others, as compared to someone who’s doodling ugly faces. Someone who’s doodling ugly faces most probably dislikes others, or even self. And of course, someone who’s drawing lovely eyes, lips, or any body part signifies appreciation of the finer things in life.

So have doodled anything lately? Remember, doodles project the doodler’s looks, thoughts, feelings and behavior. The more complicated the doodle is, the more complex is the situation the doodler sees herself existing.

For instance, a newly engaged woman doodling her fiance’s name is fine as long as the doodles are not shaded or darkened. Her doodles indicate the pleasant time in her life, but shaded or darkened doodles may be an expression of unspoken anxiety.

Contact me to learn more about doodles, and how handwriting analysis can help you understand yourself better to live a more happy and comfortable life.

Author: Ankitaa Gohain Dalmia
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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