Building Personality – How Can Handwriting Analysis Improve Your Life

Not all people were happy when I introduced myself as a handwriting analyst. These people would start to hide their handwriting or tell me that they were relieved that I did not see their handwriting yet.

The truth is handwriting analysis is the same as any other personality tools that are available nowadays. The purpose is to reveal the personality so that you could make improvement to yourself and become a better person.

I don’t think that there is anybody in this world who doesn’t want to be a better person. Everyone wants to improve him or herself for the better.

So here are some of the benefits that you can get when you get your handwriting analysed.

Get to know yourself better

Most of the times you think you know yourself better. Well, most of the time you think wrong. Sometimes it is due to you knowing that you have a bad habit however you always deny it even to yourself. In the end you have convinced yourself that you do not have any bad habits at all which one day bring more harm rather than good.

Therefore through handwriting analysis you would be able to know if you have any bad habits. When you realize that you have a bad habit for example procrastination, you would be able to start taking the necessary actions to eliminate the procrastination habit.

When procrastination has been eliminated, you would become a better person and there is a possibility a promotion in your job and a happier relationship with your family.

Even if you do not have any bad habit, you could actually use handwriting analysis to improve your strength. For example, your handwriting shows that you have a moderate self-esteem. You could use this knowledge to have a higher self-esteem by believing that you could achieve everything that you want, start to acquire new knowledge to improve yourself and a lot more other things.

You could also understand your thinking pattern from handwriting analysis. By understanding your thinking pattern, you would know how you learn things i.e. step-by-step or you could understand things just by looking at their general overview.

Understanding people around you better

You could also use handwriting analysis to understand the people around you better. For example, through handwriting analysis, you would understand the thinking pattern of your children. You could use this understanding to choose the right method to guide them in their school’s work.

You could also use handwriting analysis to understand your spouse better. Whether your spouse is the kind of person who needs to be told that you love her or him everyday or the kind of person who needs to be shown love and affection.

By knowing and understanding your family members, you could improve your relationship with them and have a happier family life.

Handwriting analysis could also be used as a screening tool in hiring new employees. What could be done is you could ask the applicants to write a page story about something before the interview process and analyze that handwriting sample. Their qualifications may be able to show how qualified they are and their handwriting would be able to show whether they could work in your team, could follow instruction and would be able to complete the project assigned successfully in the allocated time.

Avoiding any possible danger

When you write, you are not writing only with your hand but also with your muscles, nerves and emotion stimuli. Therefore your handwriting would be able to reveal your personality. The personalities that are being revealed could be either positive or negative.

Therefore if the person is a liar or aggressive or even emotionally unstable, his or her handwriting would be able to reveal this.

You could either avoid having a close relationship with this person or if you have the needed expertise help them to change and become a better person.

So there you are, three benefits that you can get from handwriting analysis. There are many more benefits that are not discussed here.

You do not have to be a handwriting analyst to enjoy these benefits. A basic knowledge would be a beginning for you to build a better personality and start to live the life of your dream.

Khadijah Ibrahim is a handwriting analyst, internet marketer, author, NLP Practitioner and Trainer. She would be able to assist you in understanding yourself better through your handwriting. She also would be able to help you make improvement in yourself so that you could develop a successful personality in you that helps you to achieve your dreams. To get more information visit:

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