Anima As Seen in Handwriting

Our inner images are the true directors of our outside world and it is possible to see precisely the inner workings of our unconscious mind through the reading of the expressive gesture of scriptural symbols. These symbols make visible that which we cannot see. They give form to the formless. They show us our patterns of how it is we experience and filter our reality. They show us our cognitive distortions.

Anima is the feminine, inner side of a man.

We are all bisexual in nature and through examining handwriting we can tell the degree with which there are male and female qualities. If a female writing is strongly feminine, with not many of the male qualities present, we know that those aspects of her remain firm in her unconscious and she, most likely, will be strongly attracted to men that possess what she does not own in herself. The converse of this holds true for men.

Anima and animus are readily seen in letter formations. Letters forms are simply a series of straight and curved lines, expanding and contracting. Being that gender is not genital but psychological; one can tell to what degree there is female and male energy operating within the individual. First we need to understand qualities associated with female and male energy as seen in writing as writing reflects the psychological sex of the writer, not the physiological.

Male energy or logos, has stroke formations that are angular and straight indicating logic, inflexibility, decisiveness and purposeful; qualities associated with contributions from the left hemisphere.

Jung states that when there is a strong presence of anima that the man’s character is softened. Some things is would represent or show would be sentimentality, prophetic intuitions, vague moods, feeling for nature, artistic inclinations, the capacity to love personally, and the relationship with the unconscious. It will make a man sentimental or emotional, artistic, intuitive, subjective, moody and introspective.

Notice the garland formations at the base of letter as well as connecting letters. The main function shown in these writings is “feeling”.

If we don’t acknowledge the contra-sexual aspect of ourselves, we then project that quality onto others – often setting ourselves up for less than satisfactory relationships and complications from stress. The tool of graphology, or handwriting analysis, is the most objective means by which to examine a personality. It offers unfiltered and uncontaminated information about one’s psychology.

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Author: Lisa Schuetz
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