Signature Analysis: What Does Your Signature Say About Your Personality?


The most important thing you can write is your signature. Of all aspects of your handwriting, it is your signature that reveals most about your personality; the way your signature is formed, the size, pressure and slant, are all indications of your ego, and show how you feel about your place in society as a whole. Whether you are shy and reserved or outgoing and socially minded, egotistical or inclined to be inhibited, the way you write your name tells all.


A rounded legible signature is a sign of honesty and reliability. Usually the writing is right slanted, showing an amiable and friendly personality and an ability to communicate and mix with ease. The more legible your signature, the more open you are liable to be. Illegible signatures can be an attempt to deceive, with the writer desiring to keep his thoughts secretive.

A very small signature is a sign of inhibition, particularly if the letters are squeezed and tightly written. There is a need for protection and safety, with the writer withdrawing into himself and keeping people at a distance.


A signature that is circled around itself is a sign of withdrawal; the writer is afraid of the world and other people, so tries to protect his ego by circling his name as a means of defending himself. This is not a good sign in graphology, and can reveal depression if the pressure is very heavy.

A highly embellished signature, with plenty of whirls and loops, is a sign of a bid for attention. The writer is showing off, and needs admiration and fuss in order to bolster a slight inferiority complex. He is usually loud and aggressive, with a habit of showing off in front of people and making himself known.

Many show business personalities and celebrities in the public eye tend to add a great deal of flourish to their signature, in order to be noticed. In reality, however, they often succeed in a rather vulgar signature, showing their vanity.

The underlined signature demonstrates the man or woman who wants to stamp their personality on the reader. It symbolizes a healthy ego and a need for self-esteem. Many executives underline their signature as a means of adding weight to their importance, pointing up their feeling of superiority and authority.


Ascending signatures show a basic optimism, while descending signatures reveal pessimism, especially if they are written with strong pressure and drooping letters.

A dot at the end of your signature means that you wish to cut off quickly; it shows an impulse to come to the end of it without any more ado. A dot is frequently an inhibitive mechanism.

Crossed strokes in a signature are often a sign of anger, or show a sarcastic streak; the writer doesn’t suffer fools gladly and likes to be seen as a dominant figure.

Note: Signature Analysis is taught under the subject of Graphology commonly known as handwriting analysis.

The great value of graphology lies in its ability to see one’s true inner nature from the handwriting of a person. Use this science to protect yourself and develop your relationships either in personal or business life.

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