How to Detect Lies (Dishonesty) in Handwriting – First of Ten Indicators

Handwriting analysis offers much more than simply identifying one’s typology and personality traits. It offers the ability to profile, to screen for, various tendencies. For example, if there are 15 common traits in an “embezzlers” writing, we could then use this fact as a screening tool for job applicants. If one applicant has 3/15 risk factors, and the other has 12/15 one could take this into consideration, in the hiring process. While, possibly, neither might embezzle – graphology doesn’t predict- one would definitely be a better “risk” than the other.

Just as you can question the motives of someone with “shifty” eyes, you can question when someone has something “shifty” going on in their handwriting! While detecting level of integrity involves the expertise of a qualified analyst, one can begin to learn what clues add to one’s integrity. I will make a number of posts on this topic of how to detect lies and detect integrity. There are approximately 10 things to look for to detect dishonesty and for the detection of honesty. For a very honest person, they would have a high score on the “honest” checklist, and a low score on the “dishonesty” checklist. In this post I will indicate the first indicator, out of ten, to look for, in each of the categories.

#1 – Honesty

Fast writing that retains legibility. People that write at a quick, spontaneous speed are open about their activities – not trying to cover up. Speed of Writing – Fast

#1- Dishonesty

Slow writing (with normal writing instrument and normal graphic maturity)

People that write slow have the tendency to possibly cover-up something that they don’t want others to know, or, that they don’t even know themselves. Note: Detecting speed in handwriting is a more involved process than just “guess-timating.”

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