Analyze Handwriting – Some Simple Tools To Analyze Your Own Handwriting

Have you ever analyzed your own behavior anytime with your handwriting? Are you wondering how this is possible? Well, here is the answer. Handwriting analyzes, generally called Graphology serves as a powerful tool to learn about oneself. This term has become quite popular since it has found its place in forensic science as a tool for developing criminal reports, tracking forgery cases, as compatibility tool for identifying relationships and so on. It is concerned with the study and in-depth analysis of handwriting with respect to human psychology. Another interesting fact is that this technique is used to track infections of the brain.

Well, let’s take a look into the basics of analyzing one’s handwriting using simple tools. Looking at your handwriting, you may wonder how I can predict my own character from this. Take this as a projective psychological test and interpret the writing style, slant, spacing in between the letters, sizes, the loops and so on. Psychologists use this technique quite often to identify things like health issues, metal problems, ethics, and hidden talents of their patients.

A Glance at the Big Picture:

When analyzing someone’s handwriting, the first thing you need to overlook here is the way, he/she starts the sentence. Analyze in which direction the letters slant, either to the left or to the right. All these things have something in relation to individual psychology.

Among of Pressure While Writing:

The amount of pressure used when writing often stands as an evidence to identify an individual’s emotional and physical energy. It is said that writers with heavy pressure while writing are highly successful, with lot of vitality. Their emotional experiences often lasts for a long years. On the other hand, writers with minimal pressure while writing are moderately successful.

Ability to Focus:

Size of an individual’s handwriting reveals his/her ability to concentrate. Individuals whose handwritings are smaller seem to focus on minor details for a long time. The baseline of an individual’s writing determines his/her emotional control and reliability.

With so much information in hand, why not try analyzing your own handwriting and get to know the true personality about yourself?

It can be a master technique to know how to analyze handwriting []. But once master with the techniques and get to know the, facts about handwriting [], you can get to know the behavior of a person with his/her handwriting. Check it out!

Author: Gedet Basumatary
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