The Secret Behind Your Handwriting

When I took a course to prepare entering university test, one of my tutors made me very surprised. While I was writing a note, he stood behind me looking at my paper and started to guess my characteristics. Wonderfully, most of his analysis about me was almost perfectly correct. When I asked him how, he just said that my handwriting told everything about me.

The method applied by my tutor to analyze my characteristics is called graphology. Actually this method had been applied in China since eight centuries ago. Furthermore, the modern graphology was developed by Jean Michon. He spread his research result in 1872 and later he was followed by other names such as George Meyer, Ludwig Klages, and Robert Saundex.

Basically, writing is a process in which psychological and physical condition are collaborated. It often called psychometric activity. Therefore, there are some psychological aspects such as imagination, thinking, motivation, interest, mood, or emotion included in its process.

Lately, this method is applied in many aspects of life, such as in politics, criminal cases, or employment tests. However, graphology also has some limitations. They are:

1. The age of the writer
This method could analyze the mental age (based on the psychological experience) of the writer, but it could not analyze how old the writer is.

2. Sex/gender of the writer
It could not be distinguished whether the writer is male or female.

3. Left-handed writer
As well as it could not guess gender/sex, it is unable to guess whether the writer uses his left hand or right hand.

In applying this method, there are three basic-points of handwriting that should be noticed. The first is the space, the second is the line, and the third is the shape of the writing. For example, a person who writes in big size might be open minded and good in socializing, the boldness of the line shows the ambition of the writer, or the round-shape handwriting shows that the writer is somebody full of love. So which one are you?

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