How to Understand Your Relationship and Its Hidden Mysteries

If you want to understand your relationship better or try to figure out the reasons for your relationship problems you will get an amazing amount of insight directly from your handwriting.

It’s a well-known fact that no two fingerprints in the world are alike. It’s really an amazing thought when you come to think of it. But consider this – there are also no two handwritings in the world that are completely alike. Of all the billions of people in the whole world, no two handwritings are identical. Unbelievable!

All these differences in handwriting tell us a great deal. The fact is that these very differences reveal our unique qualities.

And so, handwriting is like a window that allows us to peep into the personalities of people.

If you go into this further, you will find that there is a large and growing body of information about the benefits of handwriting analysis. You probably know that it is used today by many companies worldwide to fit the right people to the right kind of jobs.

But there’s more to it.

Because handwriting allows us to delve into the mysteries of personality so well, it also gives us some of the best possible insights into our relationships – relationships of every variety.

Now this is not hocus-pocus. Through handwriting, we can discover major personality conflicts among couples. In fact, we can see where many relationship problems arise.

You see, while handwriting can reveal a great deal about your own personality it will also reveal information about the personality of your partner.

If you can recognize the similarities as well as the differences in your personalities and understand your respective needs you will be able to compare your needs with that of your partner and find out if they are being met or not.

For example let us presume that you are able to make snap decisions without turning a hair. You are spontaneous and get a lot of fun from doing things on the spur of the moment.

On the other hand, your partner tends to take a long time to choose between two pairs of shoes let alone commit to a long-term relationship which would mean unending soul-searching. You find this highly irritating to say the least. Sometimes it seems like an intentional slap in the face.

If you compared your handwritings you would be able to see that you have the type of personality that allows you to take quick action where needed. However, your partner has a fear of making decisions and appears to have commitment phobia. Once you understand that this is a real problem and not simply an insult to you, it is likely that you will be able to find a way to deal with it.

A comparison of handwritings will reveal this and a lot more. But you do need to be able to understand the clues first.

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