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Will the real Handwriting Expert stand up!

You can go online in search for someone to validate a signature. So, you put “Handwriting Analyst” in your browser and get a whole set of websites.

Then, you put “Handwriting Expert” in your browser and get a whole different grouping of websites. In this huge world of website-topia you might even insert the word “Graphologist ” and be introduced to a third collection of listings for persons dealing with Handwriting Examination.

Or, lo and behold! Here is one more — “Document Examiners” is a biggie and you can connect to the crème de la crème in the business.

How come there are so many persuasions for handwriting aficionados? Because there are many reasons people will want the services of a Handwriting Specialist.

If you have a Questioned Document or Questioned Signature to be examined, you will need the expertise of a “Handwriting Expert” — one who has proven court credentials in the field of determining forgeries. Sometimes the graphologist uses the moniker, “Document Examiner” or, even more impressive, “Forensic Document Examiner” — all depending upon background, training and experience.

The “Handwriting Analyst” usually deals in developing personality profiles describing the character traits of the writer. And, a “Graphologist” or “Grapho-Analyst” does likewise and does not worry about presenting court credentials since many courts do not recognize a character profiler as a qualified witness. Such a person is accepted by clients on a proven track record for being correct in the conclusions formulated in the report.

Do not expect the person who has read a book on handwriting analysis to be able to present a worthwhile solution to your problem. Ask me. I am a Handwriting Expert.

Antonia Klekoda Baker C.D.E.
Handwriting Expert

Author: Antonia Klekoda Baker
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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