The Case For Handwriting Analysis


Everything in the Universe is scientifically based and is associated with some mathematical and/or other scientific law or principle whether realized or not. Einstein’s famous energy equation was true eons ago but only in the last century was it developed, recognized, and proven. The laws of gravity, the relationships of the pendulum, geometry, the principles of electric current and so many, many more repeatable laws and principles, known, and yet unknown, are inescapable influences to which we are involuntarily held accountable. These and other laws and principles must be recognized and obeyed for not to do so could be direly consequential.

Every move we make is according to the known and unknown laws of nature. Every one. Yet, we tend to take these laws for granted and never realize their scientific basis. Even the seeming absence of a scientific principle is not an absence at all. For instance, consider a perfectly spinning top the mass of which is symmetrical. Now consider a similar top with an asymmetrical mass, which wobbles and collapses. Yet, in space, both would spin unerringly due to zero gravity. In each case, the top is affected or not by the influences of construction and environment. Everything in the universe is affected in some manner by repeatable (scientific) principles including, without question, the execution of handwriting.


Once we know that handwriting is the result of a scientifically based organized system we can analyze this “system” and determine its nature just as investigators have the other sciences. There is no difference. This is sometimes very difficult to realize yet it is true. The Universe, although seemingly chaotic and unorganized, is quite the opposite. It is the scientific principles which are the constants, virtually invisible and “hold” or influence the relationships in the Universe. By realizing this, we gain insight into the scientific nature of handwriting.

Although many people consider humans as special and, in some manner, not vulnerable to these laws and principles nothing could be further from the truth. Our beings are scientifically based and inextricably connected to these laws and principles including our brains. The brain is the central control for everything happening to maintain our lives. It is also the location of our personalities. The functioning of the brain is in a constant state of change in order to maintain life because of the constant need for bodily adjustments due to internal and external environmental impacts. There is an incredible amount of activity occurring in our brain (mostly subconscious) at any given time and 100% of it is used otherwise it would not be needed and would have been discarded by nature long ago.

Handwriting “catches” the resulting “image” of the brain’s adjustment activity at any time during the writing activity yet maintains a certain ‘character’. That is why people say “my writing changes”, even under normal circumstances, although it could drastically “change” due to other causes. Yet these changes, whether normal or otherwise, are caused by initiatives such as words, the environment, emotions, the act of thinking, the chemistry of drugs, alcohol and the like.

That this activity occurs by accident is an insult to investigative intelligence. In other words, it’s all about the brain and its control of everything including handwriting according to the laws and principles of the Universe.


The normally functioning BRAIN is a scientifically based, organized system of repeatable functions called logic. If not so, how could the sciences have been developed? Or, anything, for that matter? Briefly stated: Without this system we simply could not make a single decision nor be capable of function.

When we think, we are constantly making decisions (logic), however minor, either consciously or subconsciously. Moving one’s hand. Looking one way vs. another. Deciding what car to buy. What time it is. And, the other thousands of decisions made each day. This functioning can be thought of as a process of zeros and ones (yes and no) just like the operation of a computer for the computer is simply a manifestation or “copy” of our brain system.

Therefore, the act of writing must also be scientifically based because it emanates from a system that is scientifically based with normal genetic development. We also know that handwriting results from brain direction not hand direction. The hand/fingers (and their connections to the brain) are simply conductors of directives from the brain. Foot, mouth or other means, could also accomplish writing.


There are only two movements possible when handwriting: a straight line or a curve. Period. In fact, the whole universe exists in this manner. Just look around you. Everything is either a straight-line form or a curved form or a combination, parts of which are one or the other. And, that is a scientific principle because it is always repeatable no matter where, no matter when. And, of course, this is true of handwriting. Repeatable in it’s operating system, not in the sense that the writing looks exactly the same each time.

When one considers the presented concepts thoroughly, the only conclusion that can be made is that handwriting is scientifically based. Consequently, being the emanating location of our personalities, the brain, through handwriting, unerringly demonstrates its nature to us DIRECTLY as opposed to second-guessed psychological testing or any other system of personality evaluation. Handwriting analysis, on the other hand, is not scientifically based directly as it requires observation, consideration, testing, and conclusion. In fact, no scientific opinion is scientifically based. Only the science involved is scientifically based, NOT the opinion for the opinion comes from the thinking process which must consider many variables, is subject to errors and usually concludes in varied results from different investigators. Opinions do not have a repeatable nature without thorough, repeatable testing results. (See note 1) But all sciences are subject to this process.

Handwriting analysis is the most powerful psychological tool available for human assessment whether for development or the aiding of the troubled. It is an essential tool for human assistance.


Handwriting analysis (as opposed to the act of handwriting/printing) is the study and evaluation of handwriting. Its development and education requires and has required years of observation, experimentation, analysis, conclusion and documentation in the forms of books, papers and presentations and more. As in the study of any other scientific endeavor over time, some conclusions may be challenged, discussions continued, errors made, corrections established. This process is normal and, although the “gross” observations over time have been processed through the logic systems of many investigators, some philosophical conflicts still exist. Again, this is normal. But, through it all, more and more refinement and understanding progresses. Certainly we presently are far beyond the early studies in understanding more of what the elements of handwriting represent.


The main point is that handwriting analysis has progressed through a long process of potentially error-prone human logic and evaluation (just like any other science has) and we can discern its principles just like any other science. Handwriting analysis investigators through the ages have established many principles, which have survived the test of time which, after all, is the most important test.

Does this mean all testing and validating work is over? Certainly not. But validating handwriting analysis to the satisfaction of all is a monumental task. But that is what we must eventually accomplish.

Note 1. Here we are not talking about DNA testing, for instance, which has a high degree of reliability through repeatable testing. DNA testing has proceeded through a long process of validation. By itself, DNA is scientifically based but required experiments, testing, validation, and acceptance. There is a great difference between the “act” itself and the “information” derived from the “act”. The first is scientifically based and the other must be processed through the collective human brain and this is true of all sciences including the case for handwriting analysis.

Mr. Cammarata is president of Handwriting Analysis Inc, in Plymouth, MN, and has been involved with all aspects of handwriting analysis specializing in personality profiling for 31 years and question document examination (forgeries) for 12 years. He is a strong proponent of measurement use for handwriting analysis.

Hes a graduate of Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI earning a Bachelor of Science degree and spent 37 years in many facets of engineering mostly biomedical. He is now retired involved exclusively in handwriting analysis and research work.

Mr. Cammarata studied 5 years with noted analyst, Pedro Velasco. He is certified by Mr. Velasco, the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation, the American Association of Handwriting Analysts, and is a member of the National Association of Document Examiners.

He resides in Plymouth, Minnesota with his wife, Mary. They have two boys.

Author: Jacob Cammarata
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