Handwriting Analysis – Your Pen Tells All

Handwriting is a neurological function. As you write, your brain sends messages through the nervous system into the movements of your hands and fingers. Since no one else has the exact same neurological make-up as you do, your handwriting is s much a part of your true identify as your fingerprints.

Graphoanalysis is defined as the study of the individual strokes of handwriting to determine the essential character and personality of the writer. This study includes: how the strokes are formed, spacing of the letters, slant and depth of the writing.

Personality Revealed

How you dot your I’s and cross your t’s can say a great deal about your motivation, your ideals and how you go about actualizing your drams. People are often very surprised when their handwriting analysis reveals characteristics of which they may have been completely unaware. It’s not uncommon to discover certain untapped talents as well.

Handwriting analysis can reveal whether the writer is honest or dishonest, industrious or lazy, weak or strong willed, thrifty or wasteful, calm or nervous … and a host of other attributes that, when weighted one against another, add up to a clear, comprehensive psychological portrait of the writer.

To the trained Graphoanalyst you have few secrets. Your handwriting is such a sensitive barometer of who you really are that it can reveal not only your character and personality traits but even, to some extent, your current mood.

As you change, your handwriting inevitably reflects those changes.


Given its high degree of accuracy, Graphoanalysis is applicable to a wide range of both personal and business situations. Human resources personnel apply it as an aid in their hiring and placement practices to avid the costly ‘square-peg’ syndrome. Educators employ handwriting analysis to pinpoint students’ possible emotional disturbances and/or hidden potential. The science of handwriting analysis often gains most press coverage, though, when it is used in the courtroom to evaluate questioned documents. Its primary value, however, is to those individuals seeking greater self-knowledge as a means to creating positive life changes.

Psychological Patterns

In this “Age of Transition” when so many are actively seeking deeper understanding of self and others, Graphoanalysis offers a valuable tool for perception. Perception, true awareness, is the foundation for change. If your handwriting analysis should disclose some less-than-positive psychological pattern of fears and defenses, you can use that knowledge to understand the reasons behind those fears. Once the reasons are looked at and dealt with, you have the power to transform those limiting thought patterns. You always have the power to change.


Awareness, however, must be followed by a decision to change followed by action taken to effect those desired changes. That’s where Graphotherapy enters the picture … as an effective method of creating positive change.

Graphotherapy involves deliberately altering those strokes in your handwriting that indicate fears and defenses, by replacing them with positive attributes. Essentially, Graphotherapy provides a focus for the use of ‘positive will’.

Taking the initiative for effecting change in your life empowers you; it serves to give you control over those fears that can adversely affect personal development, relationships, career direction … any and all areas of life.

This is not to claim that Graphotherapy is some magic cure-all: Far from it. Our defenses serve us as survival mechanisms and, as such, are often not easily altered. Forcing such changes is never advisable, since strong resistance will only activate compensating defense mechanisms.


However, if the individual is ready to deal with certain issues, then the process of Graphotherapy works somewhat along the lines of affirmation-decision to change followed by the action of deliberately and repeatedly altering the specific handwriting strokes. This method acts as a powerful, conscious, re-programming that, if practiced over time, can alter the individual’s self image. It is this acceptance of enhanced self-image that creates the inner strength o change old, self-defeating patterns and move forward into new areas of learning and experience.

There’s no magic to either Graphoanalysis or Graphotherapy. Graphoanalysis merely provides us with a clear mirror that reflects ourselves to ourselves, while Graphotherapy offers a simple, self-controlled method of effecting desired life changes. Together, they are a potent combination in helping to accelerate our evolution.

Elaine Charal is a Master Graphoanalyst, Keynote Speaker and distributor of Callirobics, a handwriting kit combining music and graphics to help children with their handwriting and their fine motor control skills. She does individual analyses at corporate events. Check out her 5-minute “Power of the Pen” video on her home page at http://www.handwritinganalysistoronto.com

Author: Elaine Charal
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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