Positive Personality – Understanding Yourself Through Handwriting Analysis

How well do you know about yourself? For most of us, we would say that we know ourselves very well. Then the next question would be, if you know yourself very well why would there be a lot of personality tests available in the market today? There are also a lot of trainings offered teaching you how to get to know yourself better. You also would not take all the troubles to answer 350 questions just to get to know about yourself, the person that you claimed you already knew inside out.

It would be more interesting to realise that there will be time when you say that you behave this way and the people behind you would actually be shaking their head disagreeing with what you say.   By now you would probably start thinking whether you really know yourself well.  

You can get to know yourself better. One way of getting to know more in depth about yourself is through your handwriting. Just get someone certified to analyse your handwriting or learn about the handwriting analysis yourself. 

The fact about handwriting analysis is that it is a scientific method of identifying and evaluating traits of personality. The story revealed in a page of handwriting tells more about your personality including the habits that you may not realise you have. Your handwriting is like the X-ray photographs of your inner self, your taste, desire, mental process, maturity, ambitions, motivations, vocational aptitudes and even cultural desire. Your handwriting could say a lot about either your subconscious or conscious personality traits.  

When you write, you are not writing with only your hand. You also write with your brain, muscles and nerves. These four parts of you in turn react to conscious, subconscious and emotional stimuli. Remember how you wrote when you felt very angry, how you pressed the pen onto the paper while you wrote until the ink could penetrate through or even make a hole on the paper. Or remember how you wrote when you were not feeling well? See how the letters formed on the paper as if there was no energy in you.   If the emotions and physical energy that you felt could be transferred on a piece of paper for everyone else to see, it is not a mystery for your other personality traits to be revealed through your handwriting.  

Therefore by knowing your personality traits, you could understand yourself better and you would be able to make improvement to yourself. For example, if after your handwriting being analysed and you realise that you have sarcasm in your personality; you would be able to make a choice. You could choose to eliminate the sarcasm trait or choose to continue living with it.    If you choose to eliminate the sarcasm trait, you could start to watch the words you use in a conversation and be more diplomatic in any situation. With this action you might find more people are drawing closer to you.   If you think that you cannot live without you sarcasm trait, by all means keep it. However you have to prepare to lose a lot of friends and be ok with people who avoid starting a conversation with you.   The bottom line is that handwriting analysis is not some hocus-pocus or some fortune telling that could tell about your past or your future.  

Handwriting analysis is a scientific method of identifying, evaluating and understanding personality through the strokes and patterns in the handwriting. The advantage of using this method is that it is easy to understand yourself and the people around you better. When you have better understanding about yourself and those around you, you can make improvement so that you could have positive personalities and have a successful future ahead.

Khadijah Ibrahim is an internet marketer, trainer and certified handwriting analyst. For more advise on how to get to know yourself better through you handwriting visit http://www.amazingwriting.com

Author: Khadijah Ibrahim
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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