Handwriting Analysis – From Self-Esteem to How You Feel About Family – Your Signature Reveals it All

To the trained eye, a signature reveals a great deal about the writer… things such as self esteem and how the writer feels about their father and that side of the family. It can also indicate whether or not they’re open and accessible to others… or if they really prefer a fence between them and the rest of the world.

Signature SIZE… In Relation To The Rest Of The Handwritten Sample

If the signature is the SAME size in relation to the rest of the sample, then this could indicate a normal, balanced view of self. This could be read as “Look at my life and form your own conclusions about me.” Or… “What you see is what you get!” On the other hand, if it’s visibly larger that the rest of the sample, this may indicate a stronger than normal need to be PERCEIVED as someone who is important. (Whether they are or not.) In other words… “Let me help you form your conclusions about who I am.”

The FIRST Name Relates To A Persons’ Sense Of Self

The way someone signs their GIVEN name reveals how they feel about their life accomplishments… and about themselves as a human being. If the first name is more prominent than the last name, this indicates that they’re proud of the accomplishments they’ve made on their own power… without too much help from others. However, if the size difference is EXTREME, this could indicate a subconscious desire to APPEAR important… which could be an indication of LOW self esteem. This is an extension of the “Let me HELP you form your conclusions about who and what I am.”

Including A Middle Name (Or Initial) In The Signature

If a MAN includes his middle name or initial, this may indicate a desire to extend and emphasis his status. Lawyers (and those who inherit large sums of money) often include the middle name or initial.

On the other hand… If a MARRIED woman includes HER family name in the signature (ie, Hillary RODHAM Clinton), this is usually an indication of her desire to emphasize her own and perhaps her families’ accomplishments… apart from her husbands’.

Is The Signature More Of A SYMBOL… Than A Signature?

Very prominent people usually have to sign their name many times each day. And as a simple matter of convenience, often reduce the signature down to a scrawl rather than legible words. This presents a problem for a handwriting analyst, because personality is mostly revealed in INDIVIDUAL handwriting traits… such as: Where do they cross their t’s… high on the stem… or lower? Or… what is the shape of the lower loops in the y’s and g’s. More than 200 years of compiled data on over 140 INDIVIDUAL handwriting traits has raised handwriting analysis from hit-or-miss to an almost-scary level of accuracy.

One last question: Has Their Signature Changed Over The Years?

Napoleons’ signature changed dramatically during his rise to power. Then again during his rule. And finally, it degenerated to a scrawl during his exile on Elba. Hitlers’ went through the same progression…. as Germany went from “Conquerors of Europe”… to becoming conquered themselves. Richard Nixon also showed the same progression… from legible… to distinct symbol… to almost pathetic scrawl after his resignation.

One Word Of Warning… Handwriting Analysis IS Extremely Addictive!

Signs of oncoming addiction include sneaking your boss’ handwritten office memos home in your purse… or going online to search for celebrity handwriting samples… and spending way too much time at my free handwriting analysis web site…. analyzing your friends’ handwriting samples.

Ten years ago, while on a business trip to Dallas, a friend introduced me to a professional handwriting analyst. His off-the-cuff analysis of three samples written on a paper napkin was so accurate that I’ve been hooked ever since. That meeting lead to our creating the first online handwriting analysis wizard. It’s totally free and in less than five minutes… will reveal more about you than your own Mother can.
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While you’re there, take a few minutes and read some of the other articles about what your handwriting reveals about you. There are also several analyses of Celebs, including Barack Obama.
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Author: Cheryl Patrick White
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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