Handwriting Analysis – An Important Diagnostic Tool

Handwriting Analysis is an important diagnostic tool for evaluation of personality traits. It constitutes a great advantage for firms in employee recruitment, promotion and potential identification of their usefulness to the firm in the right job role. A graphologist makes recruitment easier as it involves cost factor as well. Today, retaining an employee for a longer span has become of utmost importance to corporate. Especially, these companies are seeking effective ways to protect themselves from security risks. Handwriting analysis, by professional graphologists, is a legal, cost-effective and most reliable tool in the selection process.

It must be understood that a handwriting sample does not reveal age and gender. It is the individual character traits that come forth. Here, Graphology combines a study of physical and emotional factors which enables one to develop strengths and cope with weaknesses. It is an expressive behavior that reveals the person at the moment of writing a paragraph. Besides, it also reveals past behavior, which could be an indicator of future attitudes and behavior. During the interview process an applicant is the best to be suited for that job. The personality traits found during an interview in a candidate is just not enough and this where graphology acts an effective diagnostic tool.

Handwriting analysis provides important information on the areas that need improvement in an employee. It is a legally valid method of assessing potential security risks and helping create cooperative teams in an even better working environment. Globally, several employers have found that handwriting analysis a valuable tool to help them successfully place people in jobs that are right for them as well as for the employers to make best use of their skills in their respective fields of work.

The most crucial piece of information that an employer needs to know is revealed through graphology. In order to determine the requirements they are expected to consider specific personality traits to select efficient candidates through the science of handwriting analysis. It displays the maximum number of personality traits that revealed simultaneously.

The most accurate way to determine the actual requirement is for any given job role is to read through the graphologists report thoroughly. This is very important while assimilating an applicant’s worthiness. So they must look for traits that are larger than life and more importantly that the applicant will retain his position in the firm for longer periods of service. Finally, add together all the mandatory checks and hire the best talent available. Depending on the output employers can employ anybody from experienced and inexperienced applicants as well.

The initial impression in a Resume lasts only a few minutes. However, the employer must not rely solely on the handwriting analysis to hire or not to hire an applicant. The Employer is encouraged to use it in conjunction with other assessment methods including, Reference checks, potential tests and interviews.

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Author: Manikant DVSS
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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