Handwriting Experts Vs Autograph Authenticators

A sorry economy will have Uncle Will and Aunt Nelly checking the attic for that letter they said that they had received in 1963 when Rose Kennedy thanked them for the Masses they said they had their priest say for the soul of President John Kennedy. Why, it probably is worth quite a bit of dough right now! And, look at it this way — keeping the letter will not bring either Rose of John back so it is time to share it, and, possibly even cash in on it.

Where do Will and Nelly find out how much the missive is worth? Who do they call? Of course, the answer is obvious. They need a Handwriting Expert. Wrong! Will and Nelly need a Autograph Professional who specializes in determining whether or not a signature is genuine and who has a background to substantiate expertise in determining the validity of a signature.

Many factors will come into play with such an investigation. The person examining the signature should be able to provide the proper credentials so as to assure Will and Nelly that the Certificate of Authenticity will stand the test of a challenge when someone questions whether or not the letter is a fraud.

For instance, what kind of paper is the letter written on? Is the letter written or typed? Is there a watermark? What kind of ink was used? What circumstances surrounded Will and Nelly receiving the letter? Is there an envelope with the letter? It is quite unbelievable how many sports shops handle baseballs with so-called famous signatures signed in black marker pen which was not on the market at the time the athlete was alive.

Contact me if I can be of service. Thank you.

Antonia M. Klekoda-Baker C.D.E.
Handwriting Expert

Author: Antonia Klekoda Baker
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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