Relationship Problems Can Be Solved When You Know What Happened to Cause Them

Relationships are fragile and can be broken easily. Before relationship problems can be solved it’s important to find out what happened to cause them.

Relationship problems can be due to many reasons.  The actual cause of the break-up is often hidden and never revealed.  Sometimes one of the partners in a relationship is unaware that there are serious difficulties so that when a break-up occurs it comes as a complete surprise.

How many times have you heard of cases where a partner in a long standing relationship is shocked to find that the other partner has suddenly decided to end the relationship and walked out?  It seems as if there were no warning signals. It’s vitally important to identify problem areas in a relationship before this happens.  Because once you are aware of a problem you can take steps to attend to it before it’s too late. There’s always a chance that a relationship can be mended provided that you know what caused it.

How well do you really know your partner?   Think carefully before answering.   Even if you have lived together for many years do you really know your partner well? It happens very often that couples have lived together for years without really understanding the true character and personality of their partners.  One of the most common problems in any relationship and the comment heard most often in any argument is the complaint “You don’t understand me!  You never have!”

Whether or not your present relationship with your partner is in any way troubled, it’s helpful to understand as much as possible about your partner’s character and personality.

There is a way to do this.  It’s a unique way you may have never thought of before, but it’s a method that has proved to be remarkably accurate.   This unique method of understanding a person’s character and personality is the study of handwriting. Handwriting analysis is a very effective tool for assessing character.  The careful analysis of a person’s handwriting can reveal amazing insights about relationship secrets.

It can reveal unpleasant features of which you may be completely unaware, such as meanness, pettiness, stinginess and bad temper.  It can reveal a tendency to over-react to imagined slights and insults.  It can reveal a closed mind and a narrow-minded attitude.

But it can also reveal fine qualities which you never fully appreciated, such as unusual sensitivity, generosity and warmth. People often disguise what they are feeling. But when they write they are completely unaware of just how much they are revealing.  That is why handwriting is such a valuable tool for assessing character honestly and objectively.

If you happen to be involved in a troubled relationship the careful analysis of your partner’s handwriting can be extremely useful. Being aware of every feature of your partner’s personality will help you understand how to deal with any problems that have arisen.

If you understand your partner’s personality you’ll know what steps to take to solve a troubling situation.   Most difficulties that occur in a relationship are due to differences in temperament.  In every relationship there is always a certain amount of incompatibility. When a break-up occurs, and the matter is taken to court, the legal reason is often ascribed to irreconcilable differences.

But this is an over-simplification.   Differences can be reconciled.  All arguments and differences of opinion can be resolved.  It is a matter of making allowances and making concessions.  If you are completely aware of your partner’s character and personality and are prepared to make allowances for certain human frailties and weaknesses, the relationship problems can be resolved.  The break-up can be avoided.

Knowing and understanding more about your partner will go a long way to help you heal your relationship. The ability to analyze handwriting accurately will provide you with the  means to do so.  

Sandra Fisher is an expert in handwriting analysis with over 28 years of experience in the field. Her book, “Relationship Secrets” will show you how to identify and understand the problem areas of a relationship and what to do about it. To understand more about the secrets of your relationship go to:

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