Personality That Your Handwriting Could Reveal

It is not easy to explain to people about how to determine the personality through their handwriting, especially to those who have never heard of the science of handwriting analysis. It becomes a more difficult task explaining it without the illustrations or samples of handwriting.

Without any illustrations or samples of handwriting, you have to use your imagination to imagine how the words look like while I describe how they would look like. I take this as a challenge and this will be the first step for me to introduce the science of handwriting analysis to you.

Let’s look at three simplest but important traits that could be seen in handwriting.

Thinking pattern

There are four types of thinking pattern that could be seen in the handwriting. I am going to explain one. Look at how you write your “m” or “n”. If your “m” and “n” have a rounded hump, in a way something likes the small “m” use in this article; this means that you have a cumulative thinking pattern.

What it means by cumulative thinking pattern is that you understand things facts by facts. For example, when you read a book you need to read the first page followed by second page and so on. You could not skip a page, as you would not understand what the whole book is all about.

Your thinking pattern is like building a house. You must start with the foundation followed by the wall and then only the roof. You cannot go the other way round.

Since you need to understand thing facts by facts that make your understanding slower compared to other type of thinking patterns. Nevertheless due to this your memory retention is better than other types of thinking patterns.


Your self-esteem could be seen in the height of the t-bar on the t-stem. The lower the t-bar on the t-stem the lower your self-esteem is. To increase your self-esteem you need to increase the t-bar to at least two-third of the t-bar stem. The best would be exactly at the top of the stem, like you are writing a capital “T”. If you think that this would make you handwriting look weird, two-third of the stem should be enough.

You need to practise writing the t-bar at the height of at least two-third of the stem until you are unconsciously writing this way. It may look easy and it is.

You need to understand that when you write, you are not writing with only your hand. You also write with your brain, muscles and nerves. If your handwriting that comes from your brain could show your habit; your personality then you could actually give an instruction to the brain to have the habit or personality that you want.

Think of it this way, if someone could give you an instruction of what to do, you could do the same to that person too.

Why is high self-esteem important?

It is important as when you have a high self-esteem, you will set a higher goal and you will believe that you would be able to achieve it. Having a high self-esteem would mean that you believe in yourself and your capability without the need to wait for others to believe in you.

This is the most important trait in order to achieve success.


Of all the traits or personality that people have, I am really confident that honesty would be the first on your list that you would want to know about others.

Researches have shown that there are 40 dishonesty traits that could be identified in handwriting and it would be beneficial to us to at least know one or two traits. I am going to explain to you one of the lying traits, a very simple one.

If you look at a page of handwriting and you find that the whole page of the handwriting is illegible, you must start to question the honesty of the writer. For example you look at the “a” and you are not sure whether it is actually an “a” or is it supposed to be an “e”.

Or you look at the word “came” and you see it as “name” or “mane” or something similar throughout the whole page of the handwriting, an alarm bell should start to be ringing in your head.

You might notice that I said the illegibility must be throughout the whole page of the sample of the handwriting not just one or two words. I am saying this, as we are all human beings not angels. There are times we do lie and sometimes people call these as white lies.

Therefore when you look at a one-page sample of handwriting and find that there is one word or alphabet that is illegible, do not quickly make an assumption that the person is a liar or the person is dishonest. The trait must re-occur throughout the whole page of the sample handwriting before we could question the person’s honesty.

I have explained to you three simple but important traits for you to be successful. To be successful you need to understand what your thinking pattern is so your learning process would be easier. You need to have a higher self-esteem so that you would believe in yourself no matter what the situation is and you could find honesty inside yourself and people around you.

With the explanation above you could start to learn more about handwriting analysis, understand yourself better and make improvement to yourself and people around you.

Khadijah is a certified handwriting analyst, NLP practitioner, author, trainer and internet marketer. Visit her website where she shows you how handwriting could reveal a lot about yourself or go to her blog and see her talks about building online business and positive personality

Author: Khadijah Ibrahim
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