Graphotherapy – Explained


Have you ever realized that you have been given one of the most powerful tool in your hands to bring change in yourself and hence your life? The technique of bringing this change lies in your hands – in your handwriting. You can be a different personality by changing how you write, be it strokes you make, the way the alphabets you write.

* Do you know that you altering the amount of pressure you exert you can bring in more energy in you?
* That controlling your temper lies in how your strike your ‘t’?
* Being impatient and careless has lot to do with and whether you put a dot on your i(s) and j(s)?
* The habit of always delaying and procrastinating can be overcome by striking your t(s)?
* Changing the margins you leave or don’t leave, while writing can make you a future oriented person or help you in moving away from your past?

If Handwriting Analysis (Graphology) reveals about one’s personality and character, changing the handwriting (Graphotheraphy) can you move towards what you want to become. It is matter of knowing what you need to change and learning how to write the way it is required to be written.

What we write is what we are, as how we write is governed by and impacted by our subconscious mind; handwriting is a direct pathway from our subconscious mind. Altering the way we write, we begin the process of altering our subconscious mind or making an impact to our subconscious mind. It does take a little time to make this impact, but it works for sure.

The science of bringing changes into our personality and character by bringing changes into the way we write is called Graphotherapy or Hand Writing Therapy. It is based on the principle of reverse psychology.

Graphotherapy is a branch of Graphology, used the world over, across nations by thousands of people to bring changes in themselves.

A life without fear or insecurity begins with a change in a single stroke!

How it works:

Graphothreaphy is changing the ‘old habits’ in your subconscious mind which makes you by changing the way you write.

For an individual, at times it is extremely difficult to explain self why despite of best of the efforts and intentions, he or she is not able to achieve what is targeted and why for some people, the targets are achieved in an easy or not so struggling manner. It is not about ‘luck’ but it is about the approach and the quality of the efforts that go in for achieving a target. These targets can be on a personal ground or professional challenges.

Each stroke that we make in our handwriting or the pressure used in our writing or the method of writing different alphabets depicts the real personality in you. It not only portraits your personality but it gives the areas that can be improved inside you to be a strengthen person.

Through Graphology, you will learn about the different strokes in your handwriting and change in the ‘Way You Write’ (Graphotheraphy) these strokes through repetitive exercise will trigger back to the subconscious mind resulting in overcoming the ‘old habits or traits’ inside you and creating you to ‘what you want to be’.

It can also be termed as amalgamation of the principles of neurology and psychology.


* Since handwriting is integrated to the subconscious mind, it gives an access to the most dominating and influencing area of ourselves.
* Based on the different traits that are identified during graphology, the various exercise are prepared. These exercises are practicing of different strokes, making different patterns or change in margins or spaces between the alphabets etc.
* Frequency of these exercises is decided during the therapy sessions, taking inputs from the graphology report.
* Though consistent written exercises, the change gradually builds in our subconscious mind and it comes as a natural part of our handwriting.
* The particular trait of weakness which is worked upon during these exercises gradually disappears and you become what you want to be.

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Author: Anupam Yadav
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