How Your Penmanship Impacts on Your Employment Prospects

It gives you a lot of trouble when you’re about six or seven, as letters stubbornly refuse to form the way they’re supposed to, but once you’ve mastered the art of writing it’s not something that you spend a great deal of time thinking about. You certainly don’t think that one day your handwriting will play a pivotal role in your career. But thanks to new developments in handwriting analysis by Written Inc., handwriting can now be used by prospective employers to help them avoid hiring the wrong people.

Written Inc.’s technique, called Candidate Insight(TM), uses a handwriting sample to identify “bad apples” among job applicants. The negative personality traits that they identify include being unethical, irresponsible, deceptive, argumentative, manipulative, and having a bad attitude, as well as being a poor team player and having poor work habits. The process uses a 3-level approach to quality, which Written Inc. claims has resulted in a 95% accuracy rate.

Many businesses and corporations are turning to handwriting experts to help them make important hiring decisions because traditional methods, such as personality tests, can be manipulated and are too subjective. Written Inc. claim that no one can successfully manipulate their handwriting, which means that no matter how much you may want to, you can’t hide anything with your penmanship.

Apparently handwriting analysis is already standard hiring procedure for many companies in France, India, England, Spain and Israel. And no matter how much you may want to fight it, it is entirely legal.

According to Written Inc., companies lose thousands of dollars (or Pounds) in revenue each year due to bad hiring decisions. These costs relate to the direct cost of employing a “bad apple”, as well as indirect costs such as loss of productivity as other employees are distracted by a disruptive and argumentative colleague, and the cost of replacing productive employees who decide to leave as a result of a bad hiring decision. Business reputations also suffer as clients and prospective clients take their business elsewhere based on their negative experiences with the “bad apple”. In addition to all of these losses, bad hiring decisions also place employers at an increased risk of lawsuits, fraudulent activities and workplace violence.

As advanced as Candidate Insight is, and their 95% accuracy rating notwithstanding, the system is far from perfect. For the best results candidates need to write in cursive with a ball point pen. Accuracy drops when candidates print using a combination of upper and lower case letters, but a limited result is still possible. Candidates who only print in upper case letters, however, yield virtually no private information and generate no results. So it seems that candidates who print have the advantage over their cursive writing peers. That is, if they have something to hide.

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