Things That Your Handwriting Could Not Reveal

People still have a misconception about both handwriting analysis and a handwriting analyst. Some of these people thought that handwriting analysts are fortune-tellers that could tell about their past or future from their handwriting. They thought that handwriting analysts could perform some kind of magic that could change their life forever without them doing anything.

Although in a way we could think of these thoughts as a complimentary, they are far from the truth. It’s true that as handwriting analysts we could help improve and develop you to become a better person so that you could be successful in the future but without taking the necessary actions, nothing could happen.

Here are some of the things that handwriting analysts could not determine from your handwriting:


You must be relieved to hear that your handwriting could not reveal your age unless you meet the handwriting analyst in person. Even then the handwriting analyst could not guess your exact age especially if you have a baby face.

However the handwriting analyst could determine the level of your health instead. For example when you are sick, there would be a lack of energy that could be seen in your handwriting.


Handwriting analyst could not determine either the writer is a male or female from the handwriting sample.

Some people said that a girl’s handwriting would be flowery, tiny and neatly written on the paper. This is not true as there is man who writes with flowery, tiny and neat handwriting too.

When you write you are not just writing with your hand but also with your nerves, muscle, conscious and subconscious mind and emotional stimuli. Therefore if you are the type of person who is timid for example, either you are a man or woman; your handwriting would possibly be tiny.

I said possibly because I need to look at your handwriting before I could determine your personality. Any handwriting analyst could not determine the personality of the writer accurately just by listening to the description of how the handwriting looks like.


Handwriting analyst could not tell about your past just by looking at your handwriting. The handwriting analyst could say what might happen in your past that developed your present habits but what really happen only you would know.

For example, there are many sensitive to criticism traits in your handwriting. There is a possibility that you received a lot of criticisms in the past such as criticism about your grades, look, your attitude etc. As a result these criticisms developed a fear in you that cause you to be sensitive and all you want from others are their approval of you.


As I said before, handwriting analyst is not a fortune-teller that could tell about your future. What handwriting analyst could do is determined your personality and suggest what you need to do to improve yourself.

For example, your handwriting reveals that you like to put off doing everything or in other word likes to procrastinate. The handwriting analyst could suggest what need to be done to eliminate this procrastination habit so that you could achieve success in the future. Unfortunately knowing that you have this habit and what need to be done to eliminate this habit without taking any action would not be enough to guarantee your success.

You must take the necessary actions to eliminate procrastination in you so that you could achieve success in the future. You do not need a fortune-teller to tell you this.

There are other things that could not be determined through your handwriting such as your nationality, racial background, and religion or even which part of the body you used to write.

However all these things are not the cause factors for you to be successful for example not only young people could be successful and vice versa.

The important things are you believe in yourself, understand your habits or personality, do what you need to do to have successful people’s habit and take the necessary actions to be successful. And one day you will be a successful person and do all the great things in life that you are dreaming about.

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Khadijah is a certified handwriting analyst, NLP practitioner, author, trainer and internet marketer. Go to her website by clicking here where she shows you how handwriting could reveal a lot about yourself and how you could improve yourself through your handwriting. Click here to go to her blog and see her talks about building online business and developing positive personality so you could be on the path to achieve your dreams.

Author: Khadijah Ibrahim
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