Is Handwriting Analysis Scientific?

This is much like asking: “Is Medicine or Psychology scientific?” The answer is: “Some aspects are very scientific and some are not. As well, some practitioners are more competent than others. Also, some aspects of Psychology involve projective techniques (e.g. the Rorschach Inkblot test) which rely heavily on the skill of the practitioner and do not easily stand up to “hard core” validation measures. They can, nevertheless, be accepted as scientific if they meet the criteria of global or holistic validation.

As to handwriting analysis, The International Graphoanalysis Society has had a research department since 1929 and, in its publication: An Annotated Bibliography of Studies in Handwriting Analysis Research, revised 1985, Dr. James C. Crumbaugh (Mississippi Psychologist of the Year, 1989), summarizes approximately 240 studies bearing on various aspects of graphology. Dr. Crumbaugh points out that these studies comprise less than two percent of studies conducted on this science and he considers these to be the most serious studies conducted by scholars and published in respected publications.

Dr. Crumbaugh, in a reprint entitled: Graphoanalytic Cues, originally published in The Encyclopedia of Clinical Assessment, volume 11, 1980, points to studies that: “seem to be the most effective in demonstrating a scientific basis for the assumption that handwriting can be as valid in personality assessment as the other major projective techniques.” He further points out that a number of psychologists, psychiatrists and other physicians have taken training in handwriting analysis and that, in Germany, many universities require training in Graphology as part of their Ph.D. programme in Psychology.

So yes, aspects of handwriting analysis can be scientific. The Graphoanalytic system appears to satisfy the tests of global and holistic validation, and studies are continuing to demonstrate this. Other schools of graphology may or may not be scientific but, undeniably, this field is catching the attention and gaining the respect of the scientific community.

Today, handwriting analysis is the subject of much scientific investigation with dozens, if not hundreds of studies being conducted and published annually, many of them by serious scholars.

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Author: Manikant DVSS
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