Top 7 Qualities of Dynamic Sales Representatives

Top 7 Qualities of a Dynamic Sales Person from the Strokes of Handwriting

We’ve all heard the old adage that you can tell volumes about a person by the clothes they wear, the friends they have … but did you know that you can tell equal volumes about a person through the strokes of their handwriting?

If you have never thought about this before, it’s time you did. As more people are discovering that personality secrets can be revealed through handwriting analysis, it is all the more likely that your handwriting will one day be scrutinized by clients and potential employers.

Handwriting analysis as a hiring tool is quite common in France, Germany and Israel; in fact, the technique is used in Europe by over 85% of executives during the hiring process. It’s only a matter of time before North American corporations adopt the use of this personality analysis technique.

Employers giving each potential job candidate a few blank sheets of paper and requesting their candidate to write some of their long/short term goals will gain a wealth of information to more closely target their questions to both candidates and references. Using the qualities in this article, employers will also be able to see if these very dynamic tendencies are within their candidates strokes of writing!

1. Enthusiasm: Seen in long t-bars (longer than the ‘usual’ length of a t-bar in crossing a t-stem). Your candidate’s enthusiasm will give them added energy to apply to tasks and projects and, in addition, make them ‘people magnets’ because of their natural charisma inherent in this enthusiasm stroke. They will be natural leaders because they’ll throw themselves into what they do 100% and others will wish to be a part of it.

2. Optimism: Seen in lines of writing that move gently uphill on the page, and within t-bars that also move up on the page. Candidates who have these qualities in their handwriting will have a positive mental attitude that will help through any highs and lows.

3. Fluidity: Seen in joined t-bars to the next letter and any figure-8 strokes in g’s, s’s or f’s. Fluidity of mind will enhance your candidate’s communication ability, and help them ‘flow verbally’ around problems and objections. This fluidity will make your candidate an excellent troubleshooter because they’ll be able to change the subject or smooth over difficult topics without the other party realizing what they’re doing.

4. Confidence: Look for high capital letters in your candidate’s writing (about 2 ½ times the height of the lower case letters). Evidence of such confidence in your candidate’s writing should enhance their self-esteem and improve their quantity of sales.

5. Initiative: Look for v-wedges in the mid-portion of your candidate’s h’s and k’s, and possibly in the letter t’s that occur at the end of a word. A candidate with initiative will not want to wait too long for anything, but will want to go after whatever needs to be done. Those who retrace the centre portion of these letters will prefer to opt for the tried and true rather than take too much of a risk.

6. Persistence: Look for tie loops in your candidate’s t-bars as well as star-shapes in the t-bars for someone who won’t give up until every scenario has been explored.

7. Able to work independently: Look for stick-like downstrokes in some or all of your candidate’s y’s and g’s. These ‘loner strokes’ reflect someone who does their best work independently and who has leadership and managerial skills.

Elaine Charal is a Master Graphoanalyst, Keynote Speaker and distributor of Callirobics, a handwriting kit combining music and graphics to help children with their handwriting and their fine motor control skills. She does individual analyses at corporate events. Check out her 5-minute “Power of the Pen” video on her home page at

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