What’s Graphology Got to Do With Recruitment Management?

In the olden days, recruitment management comprised of locating the appropriate candidates whose resumes in terms of qualification, experience, age, mobility and maybe even gender matched with the requirements of the job vacancy and then selecting the person who performed the best in the verbal interviews and whose reference check threw up a clean background.

The turbulence in the business environment over the past few years has given rise to the realization that but for a few exceptions, for most organizational positions, it is the personality of the incumbent that defines successful impact and development over educational qualification and past experience. Therefore, recruitment management has now begun to involve non-traditional methods such as graphology tests to seek out the persons with the ideal personality fitment that meets the psychological requirements of the job.

For many years, companies in France and Netherlands have been using the technique of handwriting analysis to assess prospective candidates for job openings. It is only recently, that graphology is gaining popularity as a part of the recruitment management process in other parts of the world as HR Managers have learnt that a face-to-face interview does not provide an insight into the true nature of a candidate. Therefore, to ensure the right fitment of candidates HR Managers are increasingly relying on a combination of psychometric tests and handwriting analysis – where it is impossible to modify the answers to suit the situation thus giving true indications of the personality of the person being evaluated.

There are certain steps we need to follow prior applying analysis for candidate screening as follows:

1. Candidate Screening: This phase include analyzing personality traits in candidate and analyzing if candidate will also be accessed for specific traits.
2. Candidate Profiling: A complete profiling, personality traits, strength and potential of candidates will filter and detailed report will send to senior authority and HR.
3. Peer Compatibility: Report not only includes information related to strength and weakness of the candidate but also includes the intellect, trustworthiness, values, honesty, talent and liability towards company and lots more.

Graphology or Handwriting Analysis describes the study of handwriting to determine the mental structure of the writer, the strengths and weaknesses of her personality and her ability to add value to the role that she is being considered for. So the next time an organization asks you for a handwritten application letter, you’ll know why. The organization has adopted Graphology Recruitment Management.

This article is written by Samuel Harris, an associated author with Handwritinglife. HandwritingLife is an organization associated with many MNC’s, and companies for recruitment management process, handwriting analysis etc.

Author: Samuel M Harris
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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