Handwriting Experts and Their Fees

The first thing a client will ask when there is a need for professional Document Examination is, "How much does it cost?" The Document Examiner usually uses forensic guidelines to determine the fee. However, a glance at what other Document Examiners are charging is a good idea so that the costs fall into a perimeter that doesn't discourage the client from calling back.

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Handwriting Experts Vs Autograph Authenticators

A sorry economy will have Uncle Will and Aunt Nelly checking the attic for that letter they said that they had received in 1963 when Rose Kennedy thanked them for the Masses they said they had their priest say for the soul of President John Kennedy. Why, it probably is worth quite a bit of dough right now! And, look at it this way -- keeping the letter will not bring either Rose of John back so it is time to share it, and, possibly even cash in on it.

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